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About Mangalam Group

Mangalam as a sole proprietary concern came into being In April 1969 under the initiative of late Mr. M.C Varghese, a great visionary with social commitment and dedication. The starting was with the publication of a weekly, titled Mangalam. The success of the Mangalam weekly marked the dawn of a new era in the publishing sector of Kerala.Today The Mangalam Group of Companies has carved a niche among India’s largest media houses. Mangalam Weekly still holds the record of most number of copies printed and distributed in Asia. The Mangalam Group was founded by late Mr. M.C Varghese, a prodigious person with divine vision of the future and keen sense of understanding, very compassionate and more concerned about his fellow beings.

Mangalam Gropup of Institutions

1.Mangalam College of Enginering
2.Mangalam Managament Studies
3.M.C Varghese College of arts and science
4.Managalam School of Architecter and Planning
5.Mangalam College of Education
6.Mangalam Public School
7.Butterfly Ero Kids Pre School
8.Radio Mangalam 91.2 FM
9.Kottayam Technolodge

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