About the department

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) department, established in 2021, serves as a pivotal resource hub for students enrolled in its programs. With 60 BTech seats, the department provides comprehensive support and guidance to students navigating the intricate landscape of AI and ML.

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning stands as a cornerstone in the realm of modern education and technological innovation. Established to meet the growing demand for expertise in AI and ML, this department serves as a hub for learning, research, and application of cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping industries and societies worldwide.

The primary mission of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to thrive in a world increasingly reliant on AI-driven solutions.

The department aims to:

Educate: Provide comprehensive and rigorous academic programs that cover foundational principles, advanced concepts, and practical applications of AI and ML.

Innovate: Foster a culture of innovation and inquiry through research, projects, and collaborations that push the boundaries of AI and ML technology.

Apply: Encourage the application of AI and ML techniques to address real-world challenges across various domains, including healthcare, finance, agriculture, transportation, and more.

Ethical and Responsible AI: Promote the ethical and responsible development and deployment of AI technologies, emphasizing considerations of fairness, transparency, accountability, and societal impact.



Academic Programs:

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offers a diverse range of academic programs tailored to meet the needs of students at different levels of expertise and interests. These programs may include:

Undergraduate Programs (BTech): Bachelor of Technology programs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and AI/ML principles.

The department actively engages with industry partners (MoU) to bridge the gap between academia and industry, providing students with opportunities for internships, industry projects, and job placements. Industry collaborations also enable the department to stay abreast of industry trends, challenges, and emerging technologies, ensuring that academic programs remain relevant and responsive to the needs of the workforce.


To be center of excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning towards serving the greater cause of society.


Mould the young adept to state of the art academic and infrastructural facilities with modern equipment and Artificial Intelligence learning resources to create self-sustainable professionals.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1: To Formulate, analyze and solve Engineering problems with strong foundation in Mathematical, Scientific, Engineering fundamentals and modern computing practices through advanced curriculum.

PEO2: Analyze the requirements, realize the technical specification and design the Engineering solutions by applying the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

PEO3: Demonstrate technical skills, competency in computing and Artificial Intelligence, promote collaborative learning and team work spirit through multi -disciplinary projects and diverse professional activities.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Apply the computing principles of artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the multi–disciplinary areas.

PSO2: Demonstrate engineering knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning learned to solve real time problems in various domains.

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