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Higher Degree– Master of Technology

A Master of Engineering (abbreviated M.Eng., ME or MEng) or Master of Technology (abbreviated M.Tech. or MTech) or Master of Science in Engineering(abbreviated M.Sc. Eng., M.Sc.(Eng), M.Sc. Engg, MSc(Engg), etc.), can be either an academic or professional master's degree in the field of engineering.

In India, a Master of Engineering or Master of Technology or Master of Science in Engineering degree is a postgraduate program in engineering or technology field. This is generally a 2-year (2.5years for MSc Engg) specialization program in a specific branch of engineering or a technical field. Students typically enter the ME/MTech/MSc Engg /Msc.(Tech) programs after completing a 4-year undergraduate program in engineeringresulting in the award of a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree, or a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences resulting in the award of a Master of Science degree.

The ME/MTech/MSc Engg programs in India are usually structured as an Engineering Research degree, lesser than Ph.D and considered to be parallel to M.Phil. and M.S. degrees in Humanities and Science respectively. MTech and MSc Engg programs in India were started by some well knowninstitutions with the aim of producing Research Engineers who can also get the position of "Technologist" in the Industries and Research Institutes. In electrical engineering, for example, areas of specialization might include: power systems, energy engineering, electrical machines, instrumentation and control, high voltage or power electronics, telecommunications, communication networks, signal processing, microelectronics.

MLMCE's Offerings

MLMCE offers one of the highly demanded and evergreen courses in Engineering.
MLMCE has also ensured to procure on of the best talents in the Faculty Department for each offering. Each department is well organized and well defined.

Sl. no. Course Name Parent Department Seats
1 Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) 18
2 Structural Engineering And Construction Management Civil Engineering (CE) 18
3 Industrial Engg. & Management Mechanical Engineering (ME) 18
4 Power Electronics & Power Systems Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) 18
5 VLSI & Embedded Systems Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) 18

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